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Costs of Caring for Wildlife

The WCSV cares for between 4,000 and 5,000 animals each year. Below are listed several species of animals and the costs of basic care and feeding. These costs are exponentially higher if the animal is injured or ill.

Bobcats & Coyotes

Newborn / Juvenile:$105 / week
Adult:$140 / week

It costs $4,500 to feed a pup or kitten from newborn to release (an average of 9 months).

Predatory Birds

Fledgling: $35 / week
Adult: $35 / week

Caring for an injured adult during it’s rehabilitation costs a minimum of $200. Rehabilitation typically lasts 4-6 weeks, though some birds can stay as long as 6 months.


$5 / week
$40 will feed an opossum from joey to release, an average of 8 weeks.


$10 / week
Raccoons have an extended period of dependency of up to 9 months.
$40 feeds a raccoon for a month.
$350 feeds a raccoon from newborn to adulthood.


$70 / week
It costs $1,800 to feed a fox pup from intake to release, an average of 6-8 months.


Ducklings: $5 / week
$150 will feed 50 waterbirds from hatchling to release.


Nestlings: $5 / week
Fledglings: $3 / week

Songbirds are in our care for an average of 5 weeks. The cost is approximately $20 to feed a songbird from hatchling to release.


$15 / week
$180 feeds a juvenile squirrel from intake to release, approximately 12 weeks of care.

Building Fund

Not only do our wildlife require food, but a place to live as well! Contributions to our Bill Paker Building Fund enables us to construct new raptor and predatory mammal enclosures and to improve existing housing facilities.

In addition, Bill Paker, one of the Center’s Stellar volunteers, matches each gift donated to the fund.