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How You Can Help

There are many ways you can make a difference for our local wildlife.

  • Bring any injured, orphaned, sick, or distressed wild bird or mammal that genuinely needs help to the Center. If we are closed, take the animal to the Humane Society Silicon Valley (open 24 hours a day for incoming animals) or the call the Animal Care & Services Center to arrange for an afterhours pickup.
  • Make a financial donation: Make sure WCSV has the funds to thrive in the future. We need to raise over $300,000 this year to provide wildlife rehabilitation and educational outreach services—you can help us do it!
  • Volunteer your time: We have many different opportunities including Wildlife Center and homecare volunteers, educational outreach team, board member, newsletter team, data entry, public relations expert, legal advisor, volunteer coordindator, event planning, and more. WCSV is supported by 120 wonderful volunteers – join the team and make a difference.
  • Remember us in your will, living trust, or other estate plans.
  • Donate items on our wishlist or your professional services for our special projects and ongoing activities.
  • Tell your City and County leaders how much you appreciate us and the valuable work we do. Encourage them to continue funding us through fees for services contracts at the minimal level we request each year.
  • Write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper or magazine describing your positive experiences with WCSV.
  • Donate a vehicle: Want to get that old car out of the driveway? Contact V-dac.com to donate your car, truck or RV and benefit the Wildlife Center. One phone call or web click, and that car is out of your yard! call 1-800-456-5517 or visit www.v-dac.com. Please sure to provide the Center’s ID# 139603735.
  • Tell EVERYONE you meet about the important work we do and share your newsletters with friends and family.
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